Seiko and quality is the key to build high-speed railway throughout the country.

Focusing and outstanding makes excellent equipment to every corner around the world.

High-speed Railway Transportation and EMU

High-speed railway transportation system is the core transportation mode of China in this era. High-speed railway refers to high-speed train with design speed standard above 200km/h. High-speed EMU refers to high-speed EMU with super-fast construction speed or operation speed which always meet the minimum speed requirements of 250km/h. Huatie has achieved the supplier qualification of core equipment for high-speed railways and EMUs, producing products such as brake system, water sanitary system and Brake Pad.

Power and Comfort Product
  • Auxiliary Power System (APS)
  • Auxiliary Driving and Event Recorder
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Heating, Ventilation and HAVC System
  • Air Loop Duct
  • Exhaust Unit
  • Heater
  • Relay
  • Printed Circuit
  • Disconnecting and Earthing Switch
  • Energy Meter (for Energy Saving Proposals)
Brake Safety Product
  • Couplers and/or Draw Gear
  • Air Generation and Treatment Unit
  • Brake Control
  • Brake Frame(Caliper、Brake Disc、Brake Pad)
  • Sanding System
Seats of High-Speed Train and Bullet Train
  • Business Seat
  • First-Class Seat
  • Second-Class Seat
  • Inter-City Train Seat

Sanitary System
  • Roof Water Tank
  • Underslung Water Tank
  • Sewage Tank
  • Toilet
  • Ceramic Toilet
  • Squatting Pan
Emergency Battery System
  • Cadmium Nickel Alkaline Battery
  • Special Battery for Rail Transit LP-B Series
  • Special Battery for Rail Transit LP-A Series
  • Special Battery for Rail Transit MB Series
  • Special Battery for Rail Transit MA Series
Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Alarm Controller
  • Smoke/Heat Detector
EMU Brake Pad
Transport Door and Platform Screen Door
  • Platform Screen Door
  • Automatic Safety Door
  • Door System
  • Movable Steps and Ramps
  • Connection Door
Friction and Integrated Product
  • Organic/Sintered Brake Pad and Brake Shoe
  • Pantograph
  • Third Rail
  • Third Rail Collector Shoe
  • Grounding System
  • Carbon Steel Plate, Carbon Contact Strip
  • Contactor

Heavy-duty Railway Maintenance Machinery

Track Bed Maintenance Equipment
  • Tamper
  • Tamping Vehicles(DRONE)
  • Continuous Track Lifter
  • Track Stabilizer
  • Multipurpose Stoneblower
MFV/Multiple Utility Machine
  • UTV/Specialty Utility Vehicles
  • MFV/Multiple Inspection Vehicles
  • Track Geometry Inspection Vehicles
  • Inspection Vehicles
Transit Maintenance Machine
  • Transit Grinder(Positive operation type)
  • Transit Grinder(Switches or urban rail transit operation type)
  • Dipped Rail Weld Correction Machine
Sleeper and Peripheral Original Maintenance Equipment
  • Track Renewal System
  • NTC/New Track Construction
  • TRT/Track Renewal Train
  • Tie Exchangers
  • Multi-Function Spike Puller(DRONE)
Ballast Maintenance
  • Ballast Cleaner(GO4S-III-CN)
  • Ballast Regulator